Christmas Recital

We were delighted today to welcome back Hannah Gibson to our recital programme and even more delighted to listen to her play! Hannah selected a programme of music that was largely new to us and dear to her heart. She opened with a ‘Rondo with an imitation of Bells’ by Morandi,: a contagiously cheerful piece with lots of trumpet. She is currently acting as ambassador to William Wolstenholme who was very popular with recitalists in the 1920s and 30s, playing a really charming piece which starts with a ‘question’, gently made, followed by an upbeat answer. Following evocations of the sea-side with Easthope Martin’s’ Evensong’, the recital reached its climax with Guilmant’s ‘March on a Theme to Handel’ giving us all a burst of energy from our ‘Handel’ organ. Thank you, Hannah, for travelling all the way from Worcester today just to play for us and for playing so beautifully. You certainly set us up emotionally for the rest of the week and any Christmas madness yet to come . . .

Maggie McMurray

Artistic Director